Cherry Festival 15k! Photo Credit: Ross Deye

Wow. It’s been awhile! Somehow all of June and half of July went by and I haven’t given you guys a life/running update. I’m so overdue that I couldn’t even remember how to ‘add a blogpost’ in WordPress. Anywho! I’m still here, alive, and running as much as ever. Here’s a look at what I’ve been up to over the last 6 weeks:

Races: My last post was about Bayshore, so here’s what I’ve done since then:

Rock the Light 5k – June 2: First time running this race! It is a trail run at the beautiful Leelanau State Park. It was a brisk morning which made for perfect running weather. It was a small race and I ended up taking the prize for first overall female! I won a pretty sweet chair for my efforts.

Glen Arbor Solstice Half Marathon – June 15: It rained the whole stinking time. After my Bayshore fiasco (I dressed for the rain and the sun came out immediately upon starting), I just said heck with it and ditched all rain gear in my car. I always love this race and this year was no different. On an extra fun note, a couple got married mid-race at the top of Inspiration Point (just after mile 8). How cute is that?!

Northport Run for Funds – July 4: Also my first time running this race. Reportedly this was their 40th anniversary of the race, but I had never even heard of it before (where have I been?!) This race is an out and back 5k (also a 2 mile option) that starts and ends at the Northport Marina. It’s a beautiful course that runs along Northport Bay. It was a very hot morning, so I was happy it was just a 5k. I ended up taking second in my age group and received a great bookmark with a bald eagle in outer space. America!

National Cherry Festival – Festival of Races 15k – July 6 : I’ve always done the half marathon of the Cherry Festival Races, but this year I wanted to change it up with a different distance. There aren’t many 15k’s around, so that’s what I went with. I loved it! The distance was refreshing and the course was awesome. It takes you out on the East side of Old Mission Peninsula, runners climb ‘Mount McKinley,’ then head back to downtown Traverse City on the West side of the peninsula. This year was wild because we had to be re-routed due to high water levels. Typically, runners cross under the bridge before Clinch Park, but the water level had completely submerged the sidewalk (we’re talking shin deep!) The reroute took runners to the tunnel within Clinch Park and everyone still finished on Front Street. It was a blast and I got third in my age group for this race.

Home Life: My husband and I are working on a bathroom remodel and building a pole barn this summer. Both are taking a lot of time and mental energy. Who knew you needed so many land use permits to build something on land you already own? Adulting…

Work: Work! Too much of it. The team I work on is very small and we all want time off in the summer (go figure!) All of us are working overtime in order to give each other some much needed breaks. Don’t worry, I’ve been getting my fair share of vacation days too. Northern Michigan’s population significantly increases in the summer, which means so does the number of people I see on a daily basis. Not only have I been working more days, but those days are jam packed. I like it, though. I’d much rather be super busy at work than have nothing to do.

Fun Stuff: Since summer is in full swing here, we are doing all of the Northern Michigan things. Camping, boating, hiking, spraying bug spray, baseball games, and avoiding festival traffic. We get such little summer weather here that when it finally arrives, we try to soak up every second of it outdoors (hence why I haven’t been behind a computer to update you all!)

Hope you all are doing wonderfully and enjoying the summer as much as I am!

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