2019: Keep it Odd - Run Leelanau
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A wise friend once stated that odd years are far better than even years. Mind you, I’m superstitious AF, so that stuck with me. So, 2019, let’s keep it odd. I get that resolutions are cliche, but I’m a sucker for that ‘clean slate’ feeling. Plus, my Type A personality is not about to let me get away with starting a new year without an elaborate list of goals. Naturally I have categories for all my goals, but let’s dive into the running ones:

Speed Workouts: Yassos! And more. I plan to do speedwork once a week. I’ve been pretty good about doing this already, but setting it as a goal is a good way to guarantee I keep doing it.

Cross Training: I thoroughly enjoy cross-training, but when I’m short on time for workouts, it takes a backseat. I have a lovely road bike that I use frequently, but I’d love to dabble in more trail biking. Therefore, not only does my goal include more cross-training, but also to scoop up another bicycle.

Strength Training: I know how important strength training is for injury prevention and stronger running. Currently, I have two different gym memberships – one close to work and one close to home. (No excuses, am I right?) With that, I plan to complete at least two strength training sessions per week.

Charitable Running: Last year I ran for a charity for the first time and loved it. I raised funds for Pine Rest‘s mental health services through Still I Run by running the River Bank Run in Grand Rapids. This year, I plan to run the same race for Still I Run. I’d also like to run another race for charity in 2019. I have not decided which race or organization yet, but stay tuned.

Rest Days: I need to be better about taking rest days. However, I find them dreadful. I have too much anxiety and energy to not do some form of physical activity. That being said, I do think my running would improve if I gave myself more recovery time.

Mileage: I DON’T KNOW. It’s the first day of a new year and I have not set my mileage goal yet. My husband suggested 1900 since it’s the year 2019. I like it, but may be a bigger jump than I have time to take. In 2018 I ran about 1500 miles, so adding 400 miles to that may not be practical. Feel free to send me suggestions or encouragement, because I can’t decide on a mileage goal.

I’d love to hear about your 2019 goals, too! Send me a message to keep me updated on your progress.

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