I meant to go to the gym today. My bag was packed and placed in my car.

I meant to go to the gym today, but then I spent 8 hours at work. The thought of doing anything else inside was too much to bear. After all that time in an air-conditioned building, I couldn’t bring myself to spend more time in a temperature controlled environment.

I meant to go to the gym today, but I zoomed home instead. Gym bag at my side, glaring at me with judgment. I thought about turning around,  my monthly gym bill weighing heavy on my mind. But with my windows down, I could feel the 80 degree weather and sunshine pouring in.

I meant to go to the gym today, but I traded the air conditioning in for the sun. I opted for nature therapy instead of a crowded room. I rode my bicycle to the beach. I swam Omena Bay and rode around the Omena Point. The fresh air and adrenaline brought energy that I wouldn’t have gotten inside. I live in the most beautiful place in America and this kind of weather is something we get three or four months per year. Trails, open roads, and clean water surround me. I would have been a fool to spend that time inside.

I meant to go to the gym today and I am so glad I did not.


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