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If I’m not running or talking about it, do I even exist?

My daily commute to and from work allows me to listen to podcasts on the reg. While listening to Gretchen Rubin’s “Happier” podcast the other day, she mentioned a notion she called “talking shop.” This was referenced while discussing jobs and tips for understanding if you are on the right career path. If you like to “talk shop” (ie, talk about your job when you are not at work), it’s a good sign.

For example, I work as a clinical therapist and love talking about mental health and the human brain when I am not at work. Honestly, I think this is a great method for measuring how happy you are with your chosen career path. This made me think about other areas of my life that I like to “talk shop” about. Naturally, running was one of the first things I thought about. I could talk about running all day, everyday. Once I learn that someone is a runner, I fire 4000 questions at them right away. “What’s your favorite distance to run? How long have you been running? What are your running goals? Do you have a favorite race,” all shoots out of my mouth in a big blur. And if someone is not a runner, but asks me about my running, watch out. My obsession becomes obvious.

If something is a large part of your life, yet you don’t like to talk about it, perhaps it is time to re-visit what purpose it is serving in your life. If you dislike your job, are you able to change it? And if you run or complete another form of exercise regularly, yet do not really have an interest in it, why continue? Obligation? Health benefits? You shouldn’t dread your daily exercise routine. There are many forms of exercise. Pick one that you enjoy and one that you love to talk with other people about. Most forms of exercise, including running, have wonderful, supportive communities full of people who love the activity.

Naturally, switching something like the form of exercise you participate in is easier than switching careers. I’m one of the lucky ones who got to choose my career instead of circumstances forcing me into the first available job. I’m very grateful. And if anyone out there wants to “talk shop” about running (or mental health!) get at me.

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