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As an ‘Upholder’ I have very little trouble committing to my training schedule without outside encouragement.


Self-improvement, we’re all striving for it, right? I’m constantly absorbing material through media, literature, and podcasts that include ‘life hacks.’ One of my favorite authors and podcast hosts is Gretchen Rubin. I first learned about her after she wrote The Happiness Project. Years later when I stumbled upon her podcast, I was thrilled.

Gretchen Rubin has a theory that people largely respond to expectations in four different ways. How you individually respond to expectations helps to identify ways to set goals and actually stick with them. Rubin describes these as the “Four Tendencies.” She has a full book on the four tendencies, but you can take her online quiz to discover your individual tendency and learn more about each one.

Naturally, I took this quiz and learned that I am an ‘upholder.’ Being an upholder means I readily meet inner and outer expectations. Accurate. If I set goals for myself, I generally meet them. If others expect something of me, I have no problem accomplishing it. Naturally, not everyone falls into this ‘upholder’ tendency. The other tendencies include the obliger, questioner, and rebel. Check out Rubin’s work to get a full description of these other tendencies.


So what does being an upholder look like for me as a runner? Well, I find it pretty easy to stick to my training schedule. I don’t need a running buddy to get me out of bed for early runs. But it also means I like to be in control of everything. If something unexpected comes up that forces me to skip a run, I get irritable, anxious, and agitated. I am not the most flexible person and rarely do I like surprises. I like to know exactly what is happening at all times. Obviously, these are things I’m working on improving.

Part of the reason I am an upholder is because I have anxiety. Running really helps me keep my mental health in check. I know I need to get better at being flexible, because life happens and runs will be missed. I used to run in the morning before too much ‘life’ had a chance to happen, but my current work schedule already gets me out of bed around 4am. I’m not about to get up before 2am to run. Now I exercise after work, which can be a problem when unexpected situations occur.

I enjoyed learning about my ‘tendency’ as it helps me understand the best way to approach goals I set for myself. Take the quiz and let me know your results! I’d love to know how many runners out there are fellow upholders or if a different tendency is more common for runners.

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