Surviving Second Winter - Run Leelanau
Those winter sunrises, though

Most people I encounter in Northern Michigan enjoy winter. They find ways to embrace it, think the freshly fallen snow is beautiful, and root for a white Christmas. However, come March, many of us sing a different tune. The end of February/beginning of March this year was glorious. There was sunshine and temperatures in the high 50’s. The snow was melting and the Yak Trax were pushed aside.

But then, second winter arrived. Second winter is the season that comes after that lovely, teasing warm-up – usually in March. March is the month of hope. The first day of spring comes and Michiganders warily let themselves feel a tiny bit of excitement for beaches, gardening, and fewer layers. Yet, winter always makes a comeback and we all know it’s going to happen every year. However, knowing it will happen does not necessarily make it more pleasant. Here are some tips I have for surviving second winter:

  1. Continue to embrace it. Get outside, run in it, play in it, hike in it. Remember how excited you were for the first snowfall of the season?
  2. Start planning your spring projects. Start your seedlings inside and map out your garden. My husband and I got chickens for the first time! We just picked up our baby chicks and they are happily hanging out inside under a heat lamp. This is definitely a sign of spring.
  3. Don’t put away your winter gear just yet. It’s very painful to have to dig it back out.
  4. Hold onto hope. Spring and summer will come! They always do.

Sadly, I only have four tips. My enthusiasm for winter is quickly waning now that it is the middle of March. On the bright side, second winter makes the beginning of spring that much sweeter. Since my tips are few and far between, send me yours! I’d love to know how you guys are dealing with the end of winter.

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