A dreadful thing has happened. I can’t even bring myself to say the words, “I am sick.” Rather, I am “under the weather.” It came on Wednesday afternoon while I was at work. As a typical runner, I thought to myself, “I better get my long run in tonight before this gets worse.” I went out after work that evening with the intent of running 20 miles, AHA (against husband advice).

Fortunately, I was on a loop course instead of doing an out and back, because I could feel myself getting worse as I ran. I became fatigued and wondered if I could even finish my first loop. I did, slowly and agonizingly, then admitted defeat. Shortly after, I went to bed, thinking I’d feel tremendously better after a good night’s rest. FALSE. I woke up feeling worse. I’ll spare you my symptoms, but I felt extra stressed as I had already had my rest day that week.

After laying in bed for far too long, I decided to attempt to ‘sweat out’ my illness at the gym. It surprisingly helped. Three days later and I’m still not back to normal. I can’t bring myself to rest completely (I know, I know). I’ve been doing easy, 30-minutes runs these past few days. After yesterday’s I felt worse, after today’s I felt better.

Does anyone else feel like when they’re sick, that half the time going out in the fresh air for a run makes them better? I feel like I’m tricking my body; if I’m well enough to complete a run, I must not be sick. Silly, I know. So here I am, accepting defeat, I’m not going to get my 20-miler in this week. This is the first week of my training program that I have not completed each run as scheduled. Big sigh.

I know runners, including myself, are notorious for pushing limits on running when injured or sick. I am going to force myself to take an extra rest day so that I can complete my long run next week, along with every other planned run. The logic of resting when sick is obvious, but following through is the difficult part. Rest now, run later. Because if I don’t, I might have to rest for longer than just a few days.

Training While Sick - Run Leelanau
Bring on the chicken noodle soup! Photo credit: Campbell’s


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