17 Common Runner Pet Peeves
Stanley and I share a patience level. Gif credit: Imgur

I recently had the joy of participating in a conversation with runners about their biggest pet peeves within the running world. Below are a few that we discussed. Please feel free to comment and add pet peeves of your own. These crack me up.


  1. When someone refers to any distance as a marathon. For example, “I ran the 5k marathon last weekend.” No, Daryl, no you did not.
  2. When you just start out in a race and a spectator shouts, “You’re almost there!” Ok, Clyde. Go sit in your car.
  3. Awful race signs. At my first marathon, there was a man holding a sign at the .2 mark that said, “Only 26 more miles!” I continue to hate this unknown man.
  4. Wardrobe malfunctions. Recently I went on a run where my shirt kept riding up, my pants kept slipping down, and my shoe came untied three times. Running is hard enough. Stay in place, shiz. 
  5. Catcalling runners. For a refresher on how to leave runners alone, check out this post.
  6. When you’re trying to pass some people but they are running or walking 4 wide and you can’t get by.
  7. When non-runners ask you if you won your most recent race.
  8. When your GPS watch malfunctions. Accuracy or death, bro.
  9. When you’re crossing a road at red light and a car is parked on the cross-walk. It’s cool, I’ll just run into the intersection to get around you. 
  10. When public forums complain about runners and say, “Roads are for cars.” I can’t even.
  11. Being chased by an unleashed dog while the owner just waves and says, “Don’t worry, he’s friendly!” But is he going to follow me all the way home?
  12. When races don’t start on time. Listen, no one held the race for me when I was stuck in the porta-potty line. Snooze or lose, suckers. 
  13. Referring to running as “jogging.” Pssh. Jogging is for mall walkers.
  14. People who show up to a 5k with 3 water bottles, 6 gels, and a hydration pack.
  15. Cars turning right at a red light without yielding to pedestrians. HELLO!
  16. Inhaling bugs or getting them stuck in your eyelashes while running in the summer. Can I call this fuel?
  17. When spectators smoke at a race. ARE YOU KIDDING
  18. When a non-runner finds out your time in a race and says, “Well that’s not bad.” Ok, Susan, you just keep that couch warm.

That’s the list so far! Like I said, I’d love to hear from you about your pet peeves within the running world. Cheers and happy running!

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