Don’t Start a Training Program the Week Before Christmas

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Don't Start a Training Program the Week Before Christmas - Run Leelanau
Trying not to poke my eye out during winter training

Look how behind I am at updating you guys on my 50k training. Week one has passed and we are well into week 2 now. I started this blogpost with a day-by-day recap of what I did and how it went, but then it got obnoxiously lengthy, and who really cares about every tedious detail? I’ll save that thrilling report for my gracious husband.

Instead of filling you in on every dirty detail, let me tell you what I learned this week. I learned that is it NOT ideal to start a training program the week before Christmas. Maybe some people can successfully do so, but I’m not the champion of the world. Also, A) I was sick with some sort of sinus nonsense B) I had not done any holiday shopping yet C) I work full time + had 26 hours of on-call scheduled this week and D) I had to dedicate one evening to celebrating your father’s birthday. AHHH

Let’s just say I am patting myself on the back because I completed my long run, my hilly run, and “medium effort” run. (Though “medium effort” is very relative to how I was feeling with my sinuses in the state they were.) I also got two strength training days in at the gym. My hill runs are supposed to be on trails, and I fell short there. I opted to run the road hills near my home because I didn’t have extra time to get over to a trail to do the right thing. Ping! Hopefully I’ll be better this week.

The most notable run on tap for this week is a 10-miler. I’m a-ok with keeping it short because this week’s forecast does not enter double digits. Today we have a balmy 4 degrees with a -13 windchill. Of course I’ll boss up and complete the runs, but one just may be on a treadmill this week.

However, if I can handle completing my training runs on a hectic week like this, it gives me hope in carrying out the rest of my training runs, no matter what my schedule looks like. It can only get easier, right? (As I stare begrudgingly at future 20+ mile runs…)

Stay warm, friends!

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