Finter - Run Leelanau
The only place you can find colors in Finter is on the ground

Traditionally, Michigan is fractioned into four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Well I’m here to tell you that is false. For every season, there is a transition season that divides them. Right now, we are between fall and winter. Call it Finter, if you will. I love fall running and I love winter running. But Finter running? Meh.

The fall colors have long disappeared and the lovely white snow has yet to fall and stick. The sun doesn’t shine and daylight is limited to the hours of 8am-5pm. Finter is truly the definition of bleh.

Aside from Finter, Michigan has Wing (winter transitioning to spring, obvs). Wing is pretty similar in appearance to Finter. Wing is slightly muddier, though. The transition periods from spring to summer and summer to fall are beautiful and enjoyable – the don’t deserve sad, made-up, transition names.

And though the daily Finter run is slightly less exciting, it is seasons like Finter and Wing that make me grateful for the real seasons – winter with 3 feet of snow, summer with its blazing sun, and spring with its blooming cherry blossoms.

So, cheers, fellow runners, to sticking out the daily run in seasons like Finter. Don’t worry, the beauty of winter will be along shortly.

Do tell – how do you guys deal with the dreary periods between seasons?


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