The Zombie Run: Why Themed Races are the Best

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The Zombie Run: Why Themed Races are the Best - Run Leelanau
Look at my husband eating a banana in front of me. Cannibalism.

The 9th annual Zombie Run is quickly approaching. This 5k brings out some of the best costumes, make-up, and props I have ever seen. On the morning of this race, I usually get up extra early to don my best zombie make-up (please note I regularly fail at daily make-up, let alone zomb-ified make-up). As this race starts at 9AM, I cannot even imagine how early some people must get up to to put on their amazing costumes and make-up. Thank you to those that do, because you make this race so much fun.

As for me, I like to dress as various food items and zombify them. In years past, I’ve been a rotten banana, rotten tomato, and Mr. Potato Dead. My favorite costume from last year was 2 young ladies (I’m 85, I can use the term “young ladies”) dressed up as the twins from The Shining. Well done, ladies, well done.

The Zombie Run: Why Themed Races are the Best - Run Leelanau
Mr. Potato DEAD

Another item that is important to note is that this 5k starts and ends at Right Brain Brewery.

I’ve always been a fan of races that end at breweries. Ending a race at a brewery is the right thing to do and all race directors should take note.

Clearly I love Traverse City’s Zombie Run, but I’m a fan of all themed races in general. I think they are less intimidating, especially for new runners. Never completed a 5k before? Dress up and walk one. There are usually just as many walkers at themed races like the Zombie Run as there are runners. Themed races are traditionally less competitive; people are there for the show, lots of laughs, and comradery.

The Zombie Run: Why Themed Races are the Best - Run Leelanau
The year of the rotten tomato. My husband does not advise running a race in a mask, FYI

It is bittersweet that I will not be participating in this year’s Zombie Run. We are traveling north for the Great Turtle Half Marathon on Mackinac Island (watch for a race recap next week!) This is a race I have never done before, so I’m excited to check it out. But it still breaks my heart to be missing out on this year’s Zombie Run. So friends, take photos for me. I will be back next year, likely dressed as whatever food item I can get my hands on.



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