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Lunch on the go

I recently overheard the word “Runch” and love this concept. However, I have so many questions (per usual).

For those who don’t know, the term “Runch” is where someone utilizes a lunch break to go running.

First, I’m assuming people who take a runch have a full hour lunch break. Now, do these people work somewhere that also has a shower? Or do people just go back to work after a run and not shower? (If that’s the case, these people clearly do not sweat like I do) Also, when do people actually eat their lunch??

Sadly, my job is not one that has lunch breaks. It’s more of a quick, ‘grab some food and eat it while you can,’ kind of thing. As a result, I cannot explore the best way to handle the whole ‘change clothes, run, shower, and get back to work’ thing. That being said, I would love to hear what other people who runch do.

I would also love to learn about the ways a runch makes an impact on your day. Does running on a lunch break make you better focused and centered the rest of the day? Is it nice knowing you have a run coming up mid-day to look forward to? Or is it stressful to try and squeeze a run in during that short break?

Send me your feedback – I’m truly curious. And to all those running on their lunch break today – CHEERS! You guys are all-stars.



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