Never Miss A Monday - Run Leelanau
Sunrise in Suttons Bay

Never miss a Monday. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. Mondays set the tone for the week; it’s a chance for a fresh start. For me, running clears my head and helps me feel prepared for the coming week.

Running helps me feel more focused and makes me feel like I am starting the week off on the right foot (pun totally intended). I like waking up before the rest of the world and accomplishing something before my ‘day’ even starts. Life can be so fast-paced that running reminds me to breathe and take it all in stride. Plus, if the day becomes completely catastrophic, I can always reflect on my morning run and feel at peace with that accomplishment.

I’m grateful for the time I spend running. Heck, I’m even grateful for Mondays. Cheers to a great week in this chaotic world.

Where will you be running today?



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